Sunday, 29 March 2015

How To: Not Stay Mad

It is not good to be het up or get angry at something.

In the moment it's ok but to keep being angry at something will only drag you down.

If you're mad at or with something or someone you are only making yourself feel bad; whoever or whatever hurt you or made you mad is not thinking about how mad you are at them. It doesn't affect them in the same way it might be affecting you.

You're only making yourself feel bad about a particular situation and by remaining mad at someone or something only means that you're not letting yourself move forward.

This is yet another way of holding yourself back. Being mad just deprives us of being happy.

If people are rude to you - don't be rude back. It is their problem - not yours!

Be the bigger and better person - Rise Above which is a great campain that is running on youtube at the moment.

If you're anything like me or the people I know - being mad at someone or something will stop you from going somewhere.

This is the wrong attitude to take because is depriving the world of our light and that's not fair to the world and equally not fair on us. Don't stay mad, refocus your energy into something that's right for you.



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