Sunday, 22 March 2015

How To: Find Positivity In Perspective

The world continues regardless of what is happening to you personally. If something bad is happening, it is rather refreshing to discover that the world carries on. No matter how massive something appears to be in our lives, that something won't stop the world. The eclipse on Friday showed this well,  as the world has a totally seperate agenda.

It feels like you've been trapped in the same place forever? Well, you haven't. It only feels like forever because that is what's happening right now. But the time will come when everything changes. The natural order of things constitutes that things can't stay the same forever, like the seasons (though in England that is debatable!) As I always say, it may be stormy now, but beautiful things blossom in the rain. Just because it is that way now doesn't mean it will stay that way. So appreciate it while you can. It is worth it.

It's your mind which creates barriers, obviously physical barriers like in my case are harder to deal with, but you can find a way. Life doesn't slow down, as much as we wish it would at times. Nor does it speed up which can be frustrating, particulary in my position. But I have faith in life, that it will work out for the best. I have taken to seeing where I am as a holding pen which as soon as the world is ready I will be fledging from.

The simple fact that in the universe the stars shine all the time, though they aren't visible in daylight or when we have cloudy nights (which is very frequently in England) is a really powerful source of inspiration I think. They shine on regardless, which is a really beautiful thing that's happening right now.

Think of all the thingsx that are happening now, carrying on nevertheless. There are lots of things. I'd love to know what you can think of, and would love to know your opinion on this post. Thank you for reading.



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