Wednesday, 20 May 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 43

Jamie got to the hospital early. Today was the day. He knew it deep in his heart. He had to tell her his true feelings because there's no time better than now. And at least being uncoincious meant that she couldn't interrupt. He did not know what he'd do if she never arose from her coma. He'd be regretful for the rest of his life if she didn't wake up. He had heard somewhere that people in comas could hear things happening around them.

He went straight to her room after picking up a paper which he added to the top of the pile of dusty papers on the window sill. He noticed a blue tumbler on the table next to Ellie. He also heard a quiet song that was playing in the silence of Ellie's room. That made a nice change. He saw the small CD player which was where the music came from. He looked around. Linda wasn't meant to be there today. The scene was deserted. He knew what he had to say wouldn't take long. With a final glance around he took Ellie's hand and paused the music. Now or never.
'I should have done this months ago. Before you came here - before this happened.' He paused and took a deep breath. 'What's that quote you believe so wholeheartedly? 'Take every moment for what it is, you never know what opportunies lurk there?' He toyed with her fingers. 'Well, here goes,' he took another deep breath and closed his eyes.

'You've become someone very important to me. In my life I don't have many people who would have stuck with me if they didn't have to. You've had a clause to get away every day, but you never took it. Thank you for that. But I believe our friendship has run it's course now, I'm sure you could sense there was a problem between us. And I believe that the problem is that just friends won't do. Just friends won't cut it anymore when I want to be so much more.' He stopped abruptly, perhaps sensing her eyes flickering.

*The big reveal! Finally! Hope you liked it! Thank you for reading.



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