Sunday, 31 May 2015

The Story Of Steph Part 2!

       Sometimes, knowing that I was having to contend with things that other people were, was kinda draining. It often made me want to bury my head in the sand, especially when I was a teenager. All these hormones would kick in but 'no one will ever go out with you because you're in a wheelchair.' The thing is I actually believed this, and I guess it became my mantra. An unconcious one but still. That's why it's so important what you tell yourself. I was now in and out of hospital like a yo-yo, having operations left right and centre. Quite literally! I was admitted to Kings College Hospital where I was under Mr Bassey who inserted an intrithenal pump in my stomach to provide my medication straight into my spine. It is a lot easier than taking the drug that I'm on orally as taking a pill orally means that some of it gets lost in transition. I was the guinea pig for this operation because about 4 years later, my brother also had the same operation.

    Now, at the time of this operation I was only 14, so I got transferred to Evelina Children's Hospital soon after my operation. And it was great there. I had been there previously for some tests and I was happy to be going back - if not in such a fit state! The consultant I had at the time was Mr Lin who was the best neurological doctor in the country. I felt very lucky to be under his care and guidance and he has turned up at our hospital appointments of recent years too! While I was recovering I had some great nurses who really helped me get through, and I wrote a lot of lyrics about being happy in your mind and that will help the body to recover. I actually wrote a lyric the night after I had had the operation! This was also the Christmas that I met Sharon Osbourne and Leona Lewis. There is a blog post just on this topic if you are interested: !!



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