Friday, 29 May 2015

Going To Disability Initative!

It's unusual to go to a place that feels more like home than your own! It really felt like that the day I started Disability Iniative!  It was awesome meeting everybody there before their morning sessions and embarking on my first session there. Everybody just encompassed me into their routine and it honestly felt like I'd been there forever! I was guided to my afternoon session by the lovely Darryl - which included a ride in a lift which I can do independently now.

I made so many lovely friends - including Charli, Sam and of course Darryl that I hope to still be close with in years to come - and it was great to go somewhere where everyone has the same main objective. To learn. I guess it is a little bit like a school, but not as regimented and the care workers are teaching us stuff that help us to enjoy life. And it is set to our pace. Everyone splits up to do different activities, we all come together at the start of the day, lunch and the end of the day. That is when we socalise which is great. Everyone there is so lovely, it's only when you get talking to these great people that you realise how much you have in common with them. It is so awesome for me to finally feel I fit in somewhere after so many years of crossroads!



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