Wednesday, 6 May 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 42

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 42
It was a month later and Ellie was still in her coma. Linda had been going up most days to check on her daughter and Jamie had had to work. He filled in for Ellie as much as he could but it is a little tiring going all the way across London to come back again. His workload had slowed down considerably after Ellie's accident and he thanked Max for that.
Today Jamie is going to go to the hospital. He's not sure whether to tell Ellie his secrets of how he feels towards her with her mother there or wait until they are alone, but nevertheless, he is going today. Maybe he should go on a day when Linda isn't there, but it'd be nice to touch base with Linda again.
Jamie got on the bus to take him to the hospital and bought a bunch of daffodils when he got there. He walked calmly into her white hospital room and instantly the room was brightened as he put the daffodils in the vase that Linda had left there. Linda had just nipped out of the room. Jamie reached out and took Ellie's hand, it felt so cold. He willed some blood to fill those arteries and felt ashamed for all he had left unsaid. Nothing happened.
Then the door swung open and Jamie let go of Ellie's hand. It was Linda of course and she was delighted to see him. 'I did wonder when you'd come again!' she enthused. She got up from the chair that was in residence by the other side of the bed and hugged Jamie. 'I just don't know what to do,' she told him briefly before going back to her chair. He saw  many magazine and newspaper piled up on the window ledge. Linda caught him looking. 'Papers since the day she got brought in, and magazines that I know she likes.' The untouched newspapers and magazines were gathering a fine layer of dust. 'She wouldn't like to miss out on what's been going on while she's - ' Linda stopped abruptly to wipe tears from her eyes. 'While she's been away,' she finished. 'It's always the same, anytime she goes on holiday or wherever,' Linda said with a smile. 'This is just like one of those, she just needed a little break from her body for a while,' Linda maintained her smile and Jamie smiled back at her. He knew she needed strength right now and if stories like that were getting her through he was all for it. He checked in his pocket if he had enough to get today's paper. 'Have you got today's?' he asked, knowing she hadn't but just in case she might whip it out of somewhere. 'No I haven't yet, it's normally the thing I do before I leave,' Linda said.
'I'll get this one, and we should talk over dates, when there are some you can't do I might be able to,' Jamie said caringly. With that, he shot out of the door, went to the gift shop where he bought a paper and scooted right back to her room.

*I hope you're liking the story so far! The next part will be up in 2 weeks. Thank you for reading!



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