Wednesday, 28 September 2016

Carrying on...

For my second date, my sister in law and I thought wed try a different pub with tables of a more reasonable height! The puub was almost empty when we arrived, so we had our pick of the tables to sit where I could feel comfortable. The staff were very helpful - and very excited - to have a first date situation going on - even more so when they knew it was through the same agency as used on the 'Undatables' programme - which I have never actually watched!

This second date was alright and was good for my confidence as I had to do a lot of the talking! The staff there were keeping an eye out and said we were talking and laughing the whole time! Which we were. I do always try to make the best of a situation. So far, I have had a second date with the first guy I met and am looking forward to others.

I am really happy to be having a go at this - it is not as scary as I thought it would be and it is really good to meet new people! Its just like meeting a new friend!

Hopefully there will be more dates to come and you just never know what might happen!

I will go back to doing my little blogs to cheer people up next week!



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