Thursday, 22 September 2016

Something new!

I've tried something new recently. Something very daring for the very first time for me - I have joined a dating agency!

Being in a wheelchair and living in a quiet village can make it very difficult to get out and meet people. I am busy all week but evenings and weekends can be very quiet, so I decided to take a chance. Everyone says that there is someone out there for everyone after all!

I really had no idea what yo expect, but I filled out a form and had a chat with a lovely lady who told me that she meets everyone in person and it would be very safe. She was also very pleased to take on a young lady as she has lots more young men on her books - which sounded good to me!

The first date was arranged at a quiet pub in a large town near where I live. Quite straightforward you would imagine, but when I got there with my brother, we found that nearly all the tables were very high - not very good for me in my chair! We found a lower table right at the back of the pub where, although it was dark, was perfect and I could look out for my date. I didn't feel nervous until my brother left me and I waited to meet a complete stranger!

I was so lucky as my first date was very friendly and very chatty and the time went very quickly. It was a really good start to my dating career!

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