Wednesday, 14 September 2016

The World Won't Stop!

If you stay in bed all day, the day still happens.’ That was written by Emily Barr in Blackout which is a Quick Read which suits me at the moment. But that’s a really good thing to remember. That the world doesn’t stop, just because you might be dealing with something and need time to cope. The world is relentless and unstoppable. I find it rather refreshing in that way. It doesn’t stop just because of a personal crisis that may have occurred to you. I find it refreshing to imagine other parts of the world continuing as normal, in spite of this big event that has occurred in your life.

The wind still blows, the sun still rises and sets so when I think ‘Oh no, it’s all a disaster,’ I just try to remember that life goes on. That’s why if you want something, it’s much better to go out and make it happen before it’s too late. Not that you will always know when it is too late. That’s why I’d rather act in the moment, and if it takes me down a different route to the one I was travelling before, maybe it was meant to be that way. Once you make a decision you can’t go back and that’s what I find quite exciting! It can be scary too, but I find it liberating. These decisions that you are making now are making your future. That can be a scary concept, if you let things and/or other people control you. Remember, you are the one in control here. You have the ability to walk (in my case, wheel) away from a situation if it’s not helping you. The power is in your corner. Life does still go on and exist, whether you are going through a hard time or not, and though it might be hard to realise that, it is for the best in most cases.

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