Wednesday, 5 October 2016

Your Light

Let's jump straight back in...

This is something I believe passionately.

I know life isn’t always positive and some horrific things do happen but if you can see the light instead of the dark, even for a moment, you will be emitting light and making your world a little brighter, therefore you will be a catalyst for good feeling.
The light that you emit might be miniscule but it all makes a difference.

Think of when you’re at a gig. Now one lone voice calling for a band/singer to come on stage won’t make enough noise for them to hear, probably, but when collected together those calls can be heard from the backstage of a gig.

Although your light alone won’t do much, you only need others to support you and your light will shine for miles around!

It can happen, you just need the right people around you. It can take years to find them. I’ve still not found all of my supporting cast!
Don’t forget: we’re learning every day.
Don’t be afraid of making mistakes because that is the best way to learn and grow.



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