Wednesday, 26 October 2016

Things Don't Happen By Chance!

‘See obstacles as opportunities.’ I try to do this. When something goes wrong, as often happens, you are led down a different road to the one you would’ve taken had it gone right.

Was this the road you were destined to go on?

I don’t know as I don’t know your situation.

But if you try to make the best of it you are putting positive energy into the world rather than negative.

Some things aren’t meant to go right.

Maybe lessons need to be learnt or something.

Whatever the reason, there is a purpose behind everything that happens to you in life, whether that’s to lead you down a different road, to a new place or anything, it is for the best.

Things don’t happen by chance there is always a reason.

 It may be deeper than you imagined.

Or it could be just a thinly veiled, on the surface reason.

You have to be willing to change, make it work for you whatever it is.

For instance, at my interview I had to sell myself. Now anyone that knows me, knows I'm very comfortable hiding in my shell and am not outspoken about my achievements, of which there have been many. Some that in fact, I had forgotten about until the interview came into light. I might in fact share a list of achievements I compiled in the 0 - 21 ages if you like? This was for me and really makes me feel better about myself!

I felt I said all that I could in my interview - had to remember a lot of stuff - and just wasn't needed in that particular role. But that's ok. Best way to grow - is to learn and move on.

Do not feel bad. Like something that you did warrented things to go wrong. Because things often mess up naturally. And it’s us who deal with what’s leftover.

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