Wednesday, 19 October 2016

Simple changes can make the difference!

I know that with a simple change, more to the way I think about something can change the results.

The computer lost all files from the desktop earlier. This was where my blog was so it was vital I found it!

I kept searching through old files on this computer and finally I found this very file! Perseverance pays off!

I had almost given up. There happened to be a fiile inside a file that I hadn’t searched yet. Amongst everything I had already searched.

As I learnt from Tony Robbins ‘there are no failures, only outcomes.’

It’s about seeing that bigger things happen in the world than just to you. Not to say that your claim to feeling however you feel is less credible, but remembering this also helps you put things into perspective.

When you’re going through a situation, I know it’s difficult to see the bigger picture. But it’s good to remember that the reaction that we get from others is not entirely based on us.

Who knows what they’ve been through up until they’ve met you? And that’s a daily circumstance too. That happens daily.

You don’t know what another person may have seen, heard or done that has made them react in this particular way to you.

On a more describing note, I had my very first interview earlier today.

It went well I think. someone I knew was heading up the board so that made things easier, and I got to say most of what I had prepared.

Little and often is the best way to rehearse I've found.

Also I am now an auntie! 

I will let my readers know the outcome of the interview.



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