Sunday, 23 February 2014

How To: Be Positive When You Feel Hopeless

Life is unpredictable. That’s the way it is. Something that’s hurting you today physically, emotionally or mentally may disappear tomorrow. I always hold tight to this hope. Tomorrow you might be able to find a way out of the prison cell you’ve somehow locked yourself in. It might get better but it might not. The choice is yours. A lot of what happens to us is pre-determined by our expectations of a situation. So it’s worth believing that it will get better for that reason if no other. It’s often regrets that trap us in prison cells. Regrets from the past can be a real downer. You should listen when I say, if it was meant to happen it would have. And someday you’ll probably be grateful it didn’t or did.

But how do you make sure you have no regrets for the future, I hear you ask. You have to take chances when they’re there. That’s very easy for me to say, but I believe it’s true. At uni I used to take them all the time. For instance there was one night when I ended up at a club with just a hoodie on. And for other regrets, when I was younger or unable to do something for whatever reason, came to a head on a day in my teenage years. There’s nothing I can do to change the way I acted or what happened, so why the hell was I beating myself up for it? So I let go of it. All of that built up angst, and it felt like a weight off my shoulders when I let it go. With all the strength I have built up since, I don’t think I could carry those along with me, even now. I now have no regrets to recall. Dangerous to say, but true. I used to regret letting boys in, but if I hadn’t I wouldn’t be who I am today. They made me stronger than I would have been without them. I’m happy if I make mistakes now, because I know whatever lesson I have to learn it will teach me and it’ll make me better.

 Everything in life happens for you to somehow self-improve. Nothing in life is against you and as soon as you realise this you will feel better about yourself and the things that happen. The things that happen are to test your character and you go through rough patches to appreciate when things are going right. How quickly they can swap places is not in your control. But you are in control of your mind set and you can either see it as just another bad day or a chance to prove yourself. I always try to opt for the latter no matter what I face.

*I was going through a really hard time last week which is why I didn't sign off with my usual ditty!

Now I am going into hospital to have an operation tomorrow (the operation I've been waiting since last April to have.) I am quite excited by the prospect and when my friends realised they have said some really inspiring stuff to keep me going! So thank you for that. So I don't know whether I will be able to get a Motivational Monday up in time, but that is my aim! I have already filmed it so it's just a case of putting it up for you to see. Please comment my last video if you liked it and would like to see me do more. Thank you for reading,



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