Sunday, 9 March 2014

How To: Accept That Things Happen

After a week away...I'm back so Happy How-To!

The more you focus on a bad episode in your life is to give it more power against you. Like if you listen out for the clock at the night you’re more likely to hear the tick tick ticking, whereas if you put that to the back of your mind you are less likely to hear it and you are more likely to drift off to sleep. You just need to let things go. It’s happened now, and nothing you do is going to change that or change how you reacted. Sure, there are instances where perhaps you could have reacted in a particular way instead of how you did, and that will play over and over in your mind, but there comes a time that you just need to realise that it’s done now and you reacted to it in the best way you could at the time.

There have been spats between me and people close to me, and I have held onto the notion that they are operating from their state of consciousness. And they are not clever to know that they’re words have multiple meanings. In that moment, what were you looking at or doing? If you twist their words to mean something that was nothing to do with what was happening, as I seem quite talented at, you need to stop your mind doing this. It’s not good for your imagination. It’s also not good for how you feel inside. You can’t help how someone’s made you feel in the past. But you can change it. You have control of how you perceive others. Someone close to me has made me build up a bad picture of them. But it’s slowly changing. And it is a slow process; it’s not an over-night change that can happen. 
*Thanks for bearing with me! 


  1. As ever Steph a wonderful blog :D this one is particularly special to me as sometimes I let my mind create a wrong or inaccurate idea of someone and that bugs me. Its great to have you back my friend missed you lots but now you are back and I couldnt be happier about that hope everything went well and didnt cause you too much bother I hope you keep smiling and stay happy as always xxxxxxxxxxxxxxx

    1. Sam, as always your response to this has left a massive smile on my face. From having my operation 3 weeks today, I have recovered well enough to talk to people like you, those who appreciate what I'm trying to do here. I am glad you are back n my circle of friends too. It means a lot to hear it means so much to you. Thank you for your comment.