Wednesday, 19 March 2014

'I'm Back'

I wrote this when I got back from hospital. In stunted bits. I wrote the chorus 4 days before I wrote the verses because I just had no time! But I got thre eventually. Hope you like it.


I’m back

You thought I’d weaken in the sun

But I’m back

Back to being the one

I’m back

It didn’t take me long

I’m back

Because I am strong



Whatever’s hurting me right now

I know won’t stick around

With a little bit of faith

I know I can take

This situation down

(Repeat Chorus)


Whatever I’m crying about

I won’t remember a year from now

So they can wound me

But my heart will always be

Stronger  than who they are

(Repeat Chorus)


Right now


I might be a mess

But I’m strong

I know how to hold on

I am here

And I’m making it clear


(Repeat Chorus)


Copyright © 2014 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.
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