Wednesday, 11 July 2012

'Someone's Shadow'

I am no longer someone’s shadow
I’ve got people to see places to go
I’ve stepped out of your shadow
Cos now is my time you know
I’m gonna make history
I don’t know how but I will just wait and see
I am no longer someone’s shadow
String me along for the ride cos I won’t
Say anything to contradict
But now I am saying this
I am not under anyone’s control
I live for me that is my role

In this life heard so many times
That it’s so-o tough
And it is I’m not gonna lie
Or say I’ve had a peachy time
Yes it’s hard
And living in the shadows you’re just a part
Of the track that runs for miles
I just buckled up and smile
(Repeat Chorus)
In this life it isn’t easy
If you hide behind someone else
I made the decision I wanna be me
And though I know life won’t fit perfectly
I’m proud to be who I am
Making all the wrong plans
My mistakes are mine to keep
I wouldn’t wanna be anyone but me
(Repeat Chorus)
In this life I’m stepping into the light
Cos it’s my time to shine
Don’t need you to hide behind
I’m ok on my own
Cos I know I’m not alone
Hey I’m not your shadow anymore
I am free of that for sure
Cos I decided
No matter what the result of the fight is
I’m living for me.

© 2012 S. Carfrae

 Contact me if you are interested in putting music to this. Please leave some feedback for me,  I will try to work on whatever needs it. Thank you.



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