Wednesday, 11 July 2012

'Damn You'

I realise now that I should put up a little intro before the lyrics so that you can decide whether it's worth a read!
   This one is called 'Damn You' and it's about those people who you find always smile, even when everything's the matter. I like to think of myself as a kind of Taylor Swift of lyrics - of course she is amazing and my talents are incomparable - but I like to think I cover a wide genre of categories and that they will hopefully suit your tastes!

I will give you a little history as to how I started writing lyrics in the first place: I was eleven when I started because of Danny Jones from McFLY! He inspired me to write a lyric called 'The Frozen World' and I never looked back! I am eternally grateful. We'll see how many comments I get on this and previous posts and I might even let you see the first lyric I ever wrote. It is crap, by standards of what I write nowadays. I have written over 1, 500 lyrics, it is my favourite past time! So, I think that's enough for now! I hope you enjoy 'Damn You':

Damn you and your confidence
Damn you and your patience
Damn you and your so-called innocence
Damn you dancing in your hot pants
Cos you don’t have a worry in the world
Oh we all wish we could be that girl
Damn you and your lifestyle
Damn you and your smile

You try to hide behind your smile
Like it hasn’t been tough walking every mile
But then you stop and look at me
Say it’s not easy but I’m used to channelling
The pain and hurt away so that I can happy
I never wanna be sad cos I want people to be glad
When they get a dose of my presence
Want smiles on their faces and they hate to disappoint
(Repeat Chorus)
When the weather’s rough
And life is tough
You must feel low
Then you say no I don’t
See cos if I can raise a smile
It’s worth it every single mile
Just to get here
Don’t be silly: no more tears
(Repeat Chorus)
I know life is hard for everyone
You’ve just gotta channel all the bad energy
Into a positive one and you’ll see the sun
It shines every day even behind the clouds
To remind us to never give up and not look down
Turn your smiles into a positive force
(Repeat Chorus)

© 2012 S. Carfrae

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  1. Waw, that's pretty good hunni. I love it. They're all sooo amazing :3 xxx