Thursday, 12 July 2012

Explanations (& 'We'll Be Together'

I have been told I need to find a composer with a studio...which is apparently the easy part! But I've found it difficult to find someone without first showing them my lyrics. As it goes, you have to do this part anyway, so that is why I thought I'd set up this blogger because this surely reaches a wide variety of people, perhaps some that could help me on my mission. So if you think there's any way you could possibly help me please leave a comment at the bottom of this post.

My hero is Danny Jones (as some of you well know) but he has grown into that position, when i was eleven i didn't just turn around and place the name at his head. He has helped me in ways I can't even understand, he has helped me understand who I am. And I'm a great fan of his music.  There's nothing I wouldn't give to someday work with him. But it's Ok for now, I'm happy being without his presence because he has taught me that to be a great fan is to keep some distance. Sure admire him, and maybe even pine for him but do it in your home. Maybe someday my dream of working with him will come true, but he has taught me to show him distance and I respect him for that. I don't know, but he probably respects people who give him distance as well, more than the fans who sleep outside his house.

So here is a lyric I wrote about Danny.

It is called 'We'll Always Be Together' I hope you enjoy:

When I’m about to give up
I have nothing else to aim for
I hold on to the chance of love
I smile cos I know you’re in the world
Somewhere running with my care

When I’m down
I can feel you around
You’re not there physically baby
But I feel how much you care for me
I know it’s silly every hour looking out the window
But you could be there who knows?

This life is crazy
And I know it’ll take some risks baby
To get to you
But I’ll see it through
This life is scary
And I know I can be a little larey
But it’s Ok cos you know that in the end
We’re gonna be together my friend

When I feel low
You don’t have to be around so I know
Just a smile can turn the world on its head
And make everything all right again
I know I’ve got thank you for that
And helping me regain the hope I lack
(Repeat Chorus)
I just don’t know how I would get by
If you weren’t in my life
It’s not a physical hand
You reach out to me when nobody can
I’m not gonna try find words to convey what I mean
Cos baby I never could explain how I feel
Thank you for keeping me alive
(Repeat Chorus).

© 2012 S. Carfrae

Of all the lyrics I write, these ones to Danny are the hardest. Because every song has a subtly different meaning. No one lyric ever explains how he's helped me or what he's helped me with, because I don't honestly know! Comments are always welcomed.Thank you.

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