Sunday, 29 July 2012

'Brave Face'

Sorry for the delay in my posting - I have been on holiday!
Posts should come once every week on Wednesdays until further notice. I know today is not a Wednesday but I am making up for lost time!
This song was actually written after I listened to something on a radio. My best friend was listening too and it meant to the end to one of my dreams and she told me to stop wearing a brave face, and cry if I want to cos obviouysly it was a big thing! So I hope you like it and can relate to it. If you'd like to have a go at putting some music to these lyrics, as always you have free reign to, just comment the post to let me know! Thank you!


You don’t need to wear a brave face
No no
Brave face
No no

You keep everything hidden
Inside that beautiful smile          
Beneath the surface you’re being bitten
By these tears that just have to come out
And you don’t want no one to see you cry
But you’ve gotta let it out sometimes

There’s no need to wear a mask
No way to make it past
While you’ve still got your brave face on
It’s a lie you said so yourself
So please stop pretending to me and everyone else
Take off your brave face
No no
No no
Brave face
No no
No no

Baby look at me
Do you truly believe?
That I would walk out if you broke down
Cos I won’t I’m here to stay
And you don’t want to feel your pain
Cos they deserve much better than the rain
(Repeat Chorus)
Take off
The part of you you think you’re made of
Cos you are so beautiful beneath the mask
Oh yeah you don’t have to suffer in silence
Just say the word and I will come running
No matter what I will never leave
So please baby believe
That you don’t have to wear a brave face
It hurts me so bad that you’re going through this pain
Yet you don’t for one minute let the disguise slip
You think you’re so alone but you’re not
(Repeat Chorus).

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.



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