Wednesday, 18 February 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 34

Jamie got up. He had decided last night that he needed to get away - possibly to somewhere with no phone signal - he had checked with work yesterday and he was due some holiday anyway. So he decided to pack his bag and head up to Scarborough. He knew it was a lovely part of the world and hopefully being there would sort out his head. He still felt guilty about Kate and didn't know where to place himself with regards to Ellie. She was always eager to meet up but perhaps she was just a really good friend. He couldn't tell. 

He'd packed the night before and just had to use the necessities before packing them. Toothbrush, hairbrush and get into his clothes today and he was all set! He carried these out in pretty quick succession and was ready to go by 6.00am. He left a note for Jeff as he didn't relish the idea of waking him up. No one knew where he was going. Not even work. He'd just been signed off for a few days. 

If Max had known, he'd wonder why and in all truthfulness Jamie only decided on Scarborough the previous night. He knew he had to get away. Kate's funeral had been really tough for him to get through. He had bitten his knuckles until they were red raw. Luckily he hadn't been asked to speak. Seeing the grief-stricken Max was enough though. 

Jamie had a long drive ahead of him. But it would be worth it, to go to a place where he could sort his head out. It'd be so good for him, he'd be uncontactable for a few days and he liked that. He needed time to think. About his job, about his life in general and about Ellie. Who knew what could happen tomorrow? That had been brought home to him by Kate's sudden demise and he didn't want to wait anymore. He knew what he wanted. He'd rather tell her now than risk it being too late or the feelings going away. But he'd get his head straight first. 



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