Wednesday, 11 February 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 33

Ellie closed her eyes. She couldn’t handle strangers’ torturous stares today. It was the end the day and she was running low on energy. She had been reading a couple of good stories lately, that made forgetting about the no contact from Jamie a little easier. Getting enveloped into an unreal world was always good when you want to forget something. Ellie was good at imagining herself in a character and believing that the things that were going on in her life were happening to someone else. To get so lost in a book is dangerous but she really needed it. And looking at the issues facing her from a distance she could see how petty it was. A guy not replying to a text wasn’t the end of the world; she just had to continue with her life without him, which she was having to do anyway, he’d get back to her when he could, when maybe his head was in a better place. She had no idea what was happening in Jamie’s life at the moment. She had no right to badger him to get back to her. He would when he wanted to and no sooner. 

*Sorry it's so short! I really need Your help though. What do you want to see in future parts? Let me know below or in a comment on facebook: 



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