Wednesday, 7 August 2013

Lyric Your Name?

  I had an idea last night....
I don't know if anyone will find this interesting or will want any so if this kind of thing would interest you please let me know by the usual means. Either comment below or tweet me (@steph_carfrae) Thank you!
So the idea was 'Lyric Your Name' and it was going to be an something I did for birthday presents o just for special occasions. Because everybody knows that lyrics can be 'so about me!' But that is generalised. There are a lot of people who can say that because they may relate to a lyric for a totally different reason to you. So my suggestion was that if someone emailed me a bit about the person that the lyric is for (either yourself or another) and I will (hopefully) write an uplifting lyric for you. And if I do well in this venture, I may be able to get musicians involved so that you don't just get your lyrics but you get music too. My email for this will be: .
If you would be interested at all, please contact me in either of the two ways stated above. At first, the lyrics I write will be for free but depending on demand the price will go up! I promise not to judge anyone for difficulties/problems they've encountered in their lives. After all, I am looking from an outsider's point of view! It won't be a lyric about the whole of someone's life, just part of it.



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