Wednesday, 28 August 2013

Room 101: Hiccups

I intend to start a little series of blogs called Room 101. If you've ever seen the TV show it'll be a bit like that and if not, it's basically a room where anything that you want to get rid of can go. You weigh up your pros and your cons and decide what to chuck in there

So the first item I  want to banish is hiccups. And the truth is, you don't think about them unless you have them. So I can understand why you must think there should be something that troubles her more than this. I don't mean hiccups along the way, I mean the actual squeaks of air that burst fourth after drinking fizzy drinks or laughing lots. What's the point in them? I'm sure a doctor or a scientist cold come up with a fantastical answer as to why we get these sudden, random acts of nothingness. It'd be Ok, but as far as I see they don't serve any purpose.

Agree/disagree? Email me at: with suggestions  for my evictee to room 101. It can be anything - supported with a sentence or two about why. As alwas you can leave a comment below.

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