Wednesday, 31 July 2013

Just Talking!

  I don't know what to post about really. I've gotten into the good habit of writing now because at uni I was a bit lazy when it came to that. Even though (yes I know!) I was on a Creative Writing course! I had a reputation to maintain! But now I'm happy to say that everything's going along the right track. And somehow I managed to pass my university degree with a 2:1! I don't know ow the hell that happened!

I've been reading quite a few books lately including 'The Age Of Miracles', Love Lies (again!) and am currently in the middle of  reading Jack Canfield's 'The Success Principles' from which I am picking up lots of great tips!

So it's a short post for this week! But if you have anything you want me to discuss, get my opinion on or anything just comment below or tweet me (@steph_carfrae). Any problems? With life in general o more intimately? If there are any you wish to share with me, please know I won't name names! And I will try to understand thins from your viewpoint but the great ting is I'm a stranger so I won't judge you and I will e able to see it from different perspectives! So try me, I am here to help!



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