Thursday, 6 June 2013

Man Hunt!

Sorry it’s a little late, I’ve been in hospital. Just a routine procedure, nothing to worry about. But I realised what it was like to miss out on an opportunity on Saturday. There was someone proper gorgeous at a gig I went to. I convinced myself that he never came in close enough range to talk, but that is hardly an excuse. I am disappointed in myself. We shared lustful looks but it’s not the same. If only I’d have known his name! And I could have. So, if this has taught me anything it’s: never let a chance go amiss. Now I’ll never see him again and we can just go back to living our lives, but don’t let a chance become a regret.

Can you help me? What gig was it? Chime For Change at Twickenham Stadium (which was unbelievable!) He came out twice into our disabled box to watch the acts.

He looks like:
so you can't blame me for wanting to find him! If anyone has details of a Danny Jones lookalike who works in Twickenham Stadium please let me know. Thank you.
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