Wednesday, 29 May 2013

Who You Are

For one thing I would watch this: it's by Carrie Hope Fletcher whom I admire and has a lot of sense! The message from this video fits with what I'm gonna talk about today because recently I have moved home from university FOR GOOD!! As heart-wrenching as I found it, friends and a belief in myself helped me realise that I can do anything. It was more or less easy for my sister coming out university as she's a teacher and so pretty much had her career on a plate from the moment she decided on that course at university.

I believe that wherever I am in this world the same will reach me. Although they might not be the opportunities I want right now, but what I want can wait until I have some stable money and a place of my own.

I have changed a lot since I’ve been at university. I’m not who I was before – I’m not shy  in public anymore – I’m a now or never girl, in the sense that I’d rather do it now than never know how I would feel or whatever. They say everything happens to us for a reason and if people don’t stay with you they are a lesson for the betterment of yourself. And this is so true. Someone from my past who has long gone and I’ll never see again helped me to see how special every moment of this life is and how precious every moment that I get to share with someone else is. So I’m not one for wasting time anymore. If I want to be with you – I’d much rather we got on and did something than just sit there.

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  1. I can only agree - life is for living!

    It's a fascinating quote about the betterment of your life and so true. Did the person from your past help you in a good way or a bad way? I hope it was good but sometimes bad can help us too, though you don't appreciate it at the time!

    1. Thanks for your comment! The person from mmy past helped me in a good way I think, though it was a harsh realisation they brought me.