Wednesday, 1 May 2013

Live Every Moment Like It's Your Last

While at home recovering from hospital I wrote:

You Only Live Once
You Might Never Get The Opportunity Again

Life is too short not to take chances. And you never know if it's your last chance to experience something. Tomorrow's never promised. So take chances while they're there, and live every moment like it's your last. Cos life is so unpredictable. Sing at the top of your lungs. Smile at strangers. It could be just what they need to lift them out of a dark place.

You can react to this You Only Live Once attitude like 'So you're saying I can never do this again.' (As my sister did, and most people will) No, of course I'm not saying that and I hope you can do it again but I'm just saying you never know what life has in store for you. Treat every moment like it's your last because this life is unpredictable at the best of times.

I was reading something earlier, and it helped me to clarify that you (and me) are only inhibited by your own mind. Fear is man-made, fear is just the implication that stops you and me doing what we always dreamed of. And it made me see how silly it was. Nothing should stand in the way of you and your dreams. But fear has pinpointed the exact place that will stop you. And fears aren't easy to let go. I wish there was something I could suggest to make it vanish. All I can think of is to focus on the good things in your life and banish fears of the future because you've got nothing to lose. Everybody else will be losing if they lose you. So never worry about that. As I have proven in the past (with boys in particular) fear is stupid, because everything has worked out for the best and I don't regret doing any of it. I had to go through that to get to where I am now.

So . . . Live Every Moment Like Your Last (cos you never know when it might be)

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