Wednesday, 24 April 2013

I'm Committed To...

I've just got an avalance of work going on right now. But I wanted to post this because I'm too excited about it. I will be using two extremely logical quotes from my best friend, Rose. She is amazing and I love her to pieces. Extraordinarily I didn't like her when we first met. I believed she was taking one of my closest friends away from me. But now we are really close, and I don't wish for it to be any other way. We are actually closer than that close friend I felt she was taking away from me! Funny how that happens! Sometimes life is a real trivia, but I wouldn't have it any other way. I have an incredible friend who will stick by me throughout the twists and turns of life, so I could never be more thankful. Honestly she's such a good friend that she can tell me anything, and though I may be a little shocked, nothing will stop me being friends with her.

What she did in her work which I thought was refreshing was take the series of addictions that she had and wrote them down. Let me explain: these are not drug addictions, just addictions to ideas in life (although she does admit being addicted to alchol which I have to say I am guilty of too!)

The be two addictions that really rang a bell in my head that meant I believe I have these too are:

I am addicted to an irritation for people who are scared of taking risks.


I am addicted to the notion that I may in fact be crazy but also addicted to the notion that I can't be crazy if I think I am. (I made sure I had Rose's permission to put these up here. I will always ask before I use anything of anyone else's.)

I wanted to add to the list of these addictions but I'm going to say I am comitted to them rather than addicted.

1. I am committed to the idea of You Only Live Once.

2. I am committed to living every moment like it's your last. Life's too short not to.

3. I am committed to wondering if other people think of me, even for a second. Especially if it is by someone I regard incredible (a lot of people fit into that boundary!)

& Finally

4. I am committed to the idea that if I give you any of my time in a day you'd better appreciate it.

I'm sure there will be a lot more that I've missed out. If you think of one either that you are 'committed to' or one you think I'd agree with, don't be afraid to leave it in a comment or tweet me (@steph_carfrae).

If I get enough responses I will do another blog like this one and your suggestion may just be in it. Keep your eyes peeled!

Thank you for reading!



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