Wednesday, 10 April 2013

My Heart Is Protected...(The people I care about...)

Let's start off with 1. YOU (the people who actually bother to read this! I am as ever indebted to you and if there is ever anything I can do for one of you, just ask. I can't promise that I will be able to, but if you never ask you never get. Apart from that, I am not gonna name names of anyone because people who mean a lot to me should already know and if they don't, I will show them in the future. Most of the people I care about, care about me in return so it's all good. I am open with people I trust. But I am not very easy  to crack! I may seem too trusting or w/e at first but I have a very close guard to my heart and I will not give it away unless you deserve it.

The people who care about me are always there when I need them, always pick up their phone should I call them, and it is lovely to have friends like those to rely on. I am lucky because I've come away from home, only to find myself more at home here than I have ever felt. Unfortunately, this will be over soon because the real world is beckoning. It's gonna be really hard to say goodbye to this place...

Big thanks go out to those people who do care about me and who I care about (you know who you are!) for making me who I am today. I have grown so much and have changed but you still have not let me go! Triple thanks for that! Special thanks to my sister, just because, I know I haven't been a very good sister for ages but this year that changes!

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