Wednesday, 19 June 2013


I don’t know what to talk about this week….but I guess I’ll think of something. Flamboyancy. Was the first thing I thought of.  Everything has a right to act flamboyantly. It means to act in a way that may seem outrageous to other people. Because no one knows what you are going through. You may just need to act outlandishly. There’s no saying what other people are going through, so no one has  the right to judge them on prior to meeting them and understanding  them. You may never get to understand them. Because who knows? This could be their last day on Earth. So always think twice before judging someone.

There was a stranger on the street and my sister said: ‘Look at what she’s wearing!’

I might have said ‘Yeah’ or said nothing because even what people are wearing may be a sign we don’t have a right to judge. That’s what I think anyway. It’s how they feel at a particular moment and that may be right for them. It’s who they are and how they want to be portrayed. We have no right to judge that, unless they put themselves in the spotlight or ask us. Agree/disagree? Tell me what you are thinking!

 I don't tend to judge people on what  they are wearing , I like to get to know the person before assessing them. If I didn't, a lot of my friends wouldn't be my friends!

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