Wednesday, 12 June 2013

Life is a series of experiences...

It was rather unfair but I do admit I was in a bit of a fowl mood and so someone close to me yelled at me that they’ve read my blog and it’s a lie: because apparently I say that with a smile everything will be better. That isn’t what I’m saying at all. A smile will make you feel better and you can start to assess the situation from there. Life is not easy. Time and time again it can feel like you’re climbing a mountain from the bottom; you’ve just got to take a deep breath and keep holding on. In the heat of the moment  it can be hard to remember this, but when it calms down and you can think about it try a smile on and see how that makes you feel. Whether it clears the situation so that you can look with a new perspective or not, you can whip one away as fast as you put it on. Also it’s a calorie killer. It may be a slow process if you just rely on smiles, but it’s at least something that can make you look fantastic and feel it too. Give it a try. You never know. It’s a good thing to get used to doing.


I saw a documentary on ‘The Twins That Share A Brain’ which made me stop and think. The troubles I face in this life are miniscule in comparison. It reminds me that everything is a gift. I know people face more troubles than I do, have more life-threatening situations concerning them and I was worried about what I was going to wear! It’s ridiculous when you think about it. Think about the last thing you complained about. I’m sure somewhere in this world there’s someone longing for that very thing you’re complaining about. I try to keep this in mind at all times, and therefore I don’t complain much. I just get on with it. And if it doesn’t work and it’s redoable, I will try again because I can. I have air in my lungs and the experience of what didn’t work from my last attempt. Of course, if it is a thing that I don’t get a second chance at, that’s the way life goes and I will learn from that experience. So I don’t lose out if I can help it.



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