Wednesday, 7 December 2016

It's December!

Where has this year gone? Time is just passing way too fast!

I caught a cold this time last week so apologies for not uploading! I was feeling down on Monday, so to make myself feel more like me I took a look in my feel-better box!

It's just a box of memories. It's bigger than a shoebox but a shoebox can work just as well. I have messages from old friends in there that just spur me on. Sometimes I can't believe that I had the nerve to ask people what I did but looking back they were great times. I still can't believe the faith that most of my friends seemed to have in me!

I sent an email out when I was 16 asking people what they thought of: who I was, who I am now and who I will be.

I would never be as brave as to ask that now! I tend to just take every day as it comes and see every obstacle as an opportunity.

I got some amazing responses and I love and treasure them in my feel-good box! I hope you are inspired to make your own box and then when you're down you can take it out and feel better. You don't have to be as brazen as I was at 16! It can be anything you like, perhaps a colour perhaps a picture perhaps words.



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