Wednesday, 14 December 2016


I honestly feel like I'm a fledgling bird, waiting to be freed and I'm at the point where things are not happening fast enough if at all. I am a fledgling bird without a sky at the moment. It feels like I'm fledgling and I just want to be free but someone or something is always clipping my wings. I feel ready to go, like I'm on the runway but everywhere I turn says delay delay delay. I just want to get my life started! 

It just hasn't been my time YET. 

Yet is one of my magic words because it can stand for so much. 

I don't know what love feels like, because I haven't been in it yet. 

That makes me feel better. Just adding the word 'yet' to any emotion or place in the world that you want to get to. I'm not there yet but I have the potential to be. 



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