Sunday, 29 November 2015


I wanna be dignified
Just let you pass on by
I'm not gonna place the blame
At your name
You played your part
You did fully deserve my heart
I wanna be dignified tonight

I know that some things fall apart
So that better things can start
Now I can't wait for what's heading my way
If it's true what they say
It's gotta be good
To beat you
(Repeat Chorus)
What we had we can't replace
And I'm grateful for every smile on your face
But the time has come to move on
I hope you respect me enough to move along
Now we must part ways
I'll be missing you every day but
(Repeat Chorus)
I'm not gonna pretend like it meant nothing
Cos you know it meant a great deal
And I know I'm not gonna get back
The way you make me feel
But the sun is rising on a new day
And we can't go on loving this way
So dignified I'll be dignified
Hide those tears in my eyes
I don't wanna place the blame
At your name no-o
Cos you played your part like a star.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

*You know how it is. When you just want to be 'normal' with someone again and stop seeing them as everything you never had but want. I wrote this lyric at university a few years before I got into the routine of having relationships. This was written about someone who was a passing fancy. I'd fallen deep for him. But this was the first step to getting over him. 



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