Sunday, 1 November 2015

'Keep On Pretending'

People make mistakes
Mine was letting you break
Into my heart to take
Everything away hey
Cos now I’m left
With nothing but a sharp cleft
Tearing me slowly
From the place I used to be

I thought I had you
Cos in my head you loved me too
But that was just a fairytale
That’s never gonna get a happy ending
I’d rather you told me didn’t keep on pretending
Like we had was something real
But it was all in my head cos you couldn’t feel

People are happy
If they make their minds up to be
So I’m gonna keep smiling
Even though the flower is dying
Cos now I see
The time wasn’t right for you and me
At least I know
And you know you took a piece of my soul
(Repeat Chorus)
So don’t worry
Every masterpiece has begun with a single word
No don’t worry
I just thought I’d bring some light to your world
But no it is not to be
I can stop wasting my time on dreams yeah.

Copyright © 2013 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

*I wrote  this in 2013 but it's funny how certain things have a way of repeating themselves! I hope you like it. 



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