Sunday, 8 December 2013

How To: Overcome Your Fears

To overcome fears, you have to believe that anything is possible. Not just tomorrow, in the next five seconds anything could happen. On my first day of university, I forgot about the fear of not knowing anyone and just got stuck in with conversations and such things. I forgot the fear of not fitting in because when it came down to it, there was no time to be. People will love and respect you for who you are, and if this certain group of people don’t, don’t be disheartened because you will find someone who does. Even if it’s only one person, it’s better than having no one.

I have recently got over the fear of answering the phone to strangers. I just treat them as old friends; friends I have that I have never met, or not seen in a long time. People tend to be more willing to help you out if you do this. It was a mistake on my part: the way this all started. But it got me over the fear. My friend was supposed to call me in a few minutes so I was waiting for my phone to ring. When it did I just answered without looking at the number and checking it was my friend. It wasn’t. It was someone else I had needed to get in contact with me, so while I greeted them with the ‘hey’ I normally reserve for friends, they told me who they were and explained that they would do what I needed them to. But that warmed them to me and we got on like a house on fire from then on.

You’ve just got to go into things fearlessly. If it’s a wrong move, it’ll teach you a lesson and if it’s right then you can bask in the rightness of your decision. Life often moves too fast to actually know what you got wrong or right, but when you look back you will realise what it was. Don’t fear getting things wrong; that is how we grow. And everyone gets things wrong. Because this world is more digitalized, we won’t always see the mistakes people have made, because their easier to hide nowadays, but trust me: it’s not just you.
Thanks for reading. Let me stress again, this is only how I have done it and am in no way saying yo should attempt it this way. But by putting my experience, I oe to help someone who maybe finds themselves in a similar situation.

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