Sunday, 22 December 2013

How To: Be Happier

Make sufficient/productive use of your time. Realise that the gift of time we have is only here once, and so don’t get trapped in things that waste your talents or don’t make you happy. Time only gives when you’re finding out what you want to do. From then on it gets shorter. Now a lot of people don’t know what to do with their lives, many actually older people as well. They have just trundled along never really fulfilling their livelihood.


Ways to not get caught in this trap: lots of realisations about yourself (repetition is a great technique for believing these) and believing that anything is possible. Realise that: Yes, you are beautiful; yes, you can do whatever you set your mind to and somebody is always in a worse position than you; nothing can stop you if you want it bad enough. I’m sure there are many more, but to get you off the starting block!


You have to realise that although things may come to slow down your transit into what you want to do; they are only slowing you down not stopping you. Indefinitely. Things happen in our lives that are out of our control sometimes. No one can help it when these circumstances occur.


The biggest realisation in my life has been that I am enough. No matter what I do that’s the way it is. I am living up to no one’s standards but my own. And I am not reaching for perfection. Perfection is never something to reach for. If you did everything perfectly, and everything worked out perfectly where would your stories come from?  It may be a hard slog, you may be up against one of life’s fiercest storms [metaphorically speaking] but things will work out and sometimes it seems ineffectual to believe that, but you just have to to keep going.


Stop comparing yourself to others. I know I have already covered this but just to reiterate: no good can come from it. You don’t know anyone else’s backstories so you don’t know how far they have come to get to this point. Also don’t judge others for the same reason, and you’ll feel better about yourself. It may be a slow process, but when you don’t judge others you actually start setting more feasible standards for yourself. Because, no you don’t have to look perfect 24 hours every day. Sure, it’s a nice goal to aim for but far less feasible when you think about it. And since you can’t look perfect 24.7 you can’t be happy and kind all the time either. You have to have a balance. Moments of rage – which I release through noise (usually shouting) and moments of recollected silence.


The main thing I have learnt over my 21 years of life is to: be happy because you’re worth it. And because you don’t know if the sun will be shining tomorrow but if you go out there (into the world) with a smile on your face, well you just might make it peek out of the clouds.

 *I will not be posting a lyric on Wednesday this week for obvious reasons but will be posting next Sunday with another How To. I hope you are liking these 'How To Sundays' and it is helping.

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