Wednesday, 20 March 2013

Who Influences You?

I'd love to know who has influenced YOUR life. Let me know in a comment, via twitter (@steph_carfrae) or facebook.

My story begins when I was 11 when I was reading the Girls! Girls! Girls! section in the first McFLY annual. I read Danny's bit and it said something like 'I want a girl who knows about music - so I can play my music to her!' That was the time I turned around and wrote my first lyric. It was called 'The Frozen World' and I haven't ever stopped writing lyrics since. So I owe a lot to Danny Jones, without whom I wouldn't know what direction my life would be headed in right now. I have told him this via a CD, whether he's listened to it I don't know, but I hope if he did it at least brought a smile to his face. 

A big part of what has made me who I am today is my friends. The people I choose to hang out with. I am truly grateful that they accept me for who I am. My friends are just fabulous people and though can get a little annoying I know they have my best interests at heart!!!

Recently, I've been reading 'The Success Principles' by Jack Canfield and he has been a massive influence in my life. Promoting optimistic ways to look at everything in life in general, which is his main goal, has really made me see the light!! I am so grateful for everyone and everything in my life right now, and I'm taking the time to really appreciate everything that is happening. I am on the verge of the future, and really scared of  the drop but think I am ready to fly now, though I'd do anything not to!

As for big influences in my life, how could I not mention my parents? They have moulded a path for me, which though I may stray from sometimes, I will always come back to and I know that it's the right direction.

So I think I'll leave it there for now, please do comment/tweet or message me any suggestions of anything you'd like me to write about/cover in a future post. And/or let me know who inspires/influences you. I'd love to know.



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