Wednesday, 13 March 2013

Ready or Not

I think the time has come for me to grow up. There's no point in believing in fantasies when there's no feasible way they could come true. I have to start making things happen.

I've made myself a list of 101 goals fro the future, with dates to achieve them by. I thought it'd be so difficult, but it's surprisingly easy when you actually sit down and think about it. It's basically a list of what you want out of life. Give it a go and let me know what happens! Don't be afraid to put big things on there. But as I was told, don't beat yourself up if you don't reach them by the time allocated, you tried to get there by the time you set, and so you probably will get there eventually and you will be on the right path to accomplish your dreams.


So be crazy, say how you feel, do what you want 'cos it's your life and the worst thing in life is to wonder what could have been.

I haven't been fully happy about my life recently, but through meeting some wonderful new friends I am starting to get happier again. Take a chance, you never know what could happen.



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  1. Never stop dreaming because the moment you do that is the moment you loose ambition and drive... Cool blog tho