Wednesday, 23 January 2013

What If

Take the 'what if' chance, because you never know what could happen.

As writers especially, I have been told to always question 'what if' this happened? Books would be pretty boring if nothing happened in them, but especially without the element of 'what if'. What is going to happen is all a question of 'what if'.

What if I just decided not to get up today? As well as missing out on life experience, I would just be staring at these four walls! Pretty boring, huh?

The 'What If' analogy can apply to anything. In the case of relationships, a 'what if' may turn into a regret. Like in a previous post, I spoke about 'Loved You First' doing my head in, I  think you've gotta imagine a future where they don't know that you exist, and just think 'I'm not gonna stand for this!' There can be a lot of reasons that someone can be nervous about this, whether it's fear of rejection, a shy personality or just general terror, but you must learn to overcome these.  Just say to yourself 'If I was to die tomorrow, what would I like to have done?' And if it's someone you want to talk to, whether that's intimately or otherwise, and they're within touching distance, just do it and cast your worries aside. It's true of anything, one example I have was I recorded myself talking on a CD for my hero, which I did because I wanted to tell him everything he had done for me, but I knew when I would meet him, I would only have 5 minutes or less with him. So I did the recording, and I have been able to give it to him and I don't know whether he's ever listened to it; but I hope it brought a smile to his face.

One 'what if' I did fail at was when I was a little younger, and I had the biggest crush on the son of one of my dad's work colleagues. I won't use names, in case one day he comes across this, which though doubtful, is possible. His sister was all for it, and actually emailed me saying that we should try harder if our dad's work relationship was getting in the way. I never actually revealed my emotions to this boy, and now I feel I might have missed out.

So to avoid the feeling, 'What if I missed out', see the 'What If' analogy in a positive light and just go for it. You never know what could happen.

Thank you for reading. If there are any topics that you would like me to cover in future blogs, please leave me a suggestion in a comment and you never know, I could choose yours!



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