Wednesday, 16 January 2013

Philosophy of Someday

What are we waiting for? If it was meant to be, it'll happen today. I hate the analogy of someday.

Because it's true, why are we waiting around for something spectacular to happen, when we could just make it happen today. Now, the only thing the 'someday analogy' is relevant to is love. No one can control when 'the right one' will walk into our lives. It may be that it's someone you've known your whole life but never looked at in that way until now, but it may be a complete stranger to you at the moment. I know  this is a very big topic to cover, so I think I'll leave it there for the moment.

For instance, I get impatient when I have to do something and someone else is messing around, trying to distract me. I'd rather just do it, without interruption and then maybe I can enjoy what they were trying to distract me with. If something needs doing, I'd rather just do it, get it out of the way and then enjoy whatever comes after.

It'll come when 'the time is right'. If you want it that bad, make today the right day. This is applicible to most situations, again excluding love. You never know what could happen in the future, which is what I guess makes this ride called your life, fun. My only suggestion for love, to make it come if you like, is to just get out there. Go to bars, clubs and anywhere else you might like to go, cos the truth is you could meet 'the  right one' anywhere. I understand about people who have careers to hold down, but just make time to go out and have some fun. And don't always go out with the same group. If you're versatile with the kind of people you go out with, this could be a talking point and/or bring new people (potential partners) into your life.

These are just my thoughts and you are more than welcome to disagree with me. If I have sparked up a reaction in you, or sparked up inspiration please leave a comment. Tell me what 'someday'  you're gonna make today! Thanks for reading xx

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