Wednesday, 9 November 2016

'A Little Bit In Love' Book Review

I have just finished 'A Little Bit In Love' by Susan Fletcher which is basically Eponine's story from Les Miserables. I'd wanted to find out what had Carrie Hope Fletcher so enthralled to play this particular character on stage. And now I do understand Eponine's story I can understand it. In essence, her story is the main one in Les Miserables. Les Miserables stands for The Miserable Ones.

The book is truly profound and it takes you through a spectrum of emotions. I cannot recommend it highly enough. I didn't know the story at all when I first saw the film, so it didn't affect me. But then watching it after reading 'A Little Bit In Love' I was an emotional wreck! I finished the book in four days. The chapters were nice and short and you really got a feel for Eponine's struggle through them. I just had to watch the film after reading it and I think anyone else would had they had the film to hand. The film made a whole lot more sense to me after having read it.

I feel for Eponine in the two personal wars she is fighting and the actual war she finds herself facing, one is the war to be kind in a merciless world and also the war of her heart, to give him up because you want his happiness more than your own. A beautifully written work. I'm so glad I picked it up! I now understand a story that I'd been reluctant to learn.



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