Wednesday, 10 August 2016

Start In Small Steps

Start a new trend. Smile at strangers. For absolutely no reason other than you want to share your happiness. Because something has gone right today. You've woken up. It can be that small a victory but celebrate it. Make sure you do.

If you see a stranger wearing something nice or they smile at you, make sure you return the smile or compliment them in some way. It’ll be your good deed for the day and you never do know what goes into making a memory for them. And you’ll make their day a little brighter too. It’s win-win-win!

I talk about ‘big’ things because most of the time it’s the ‘small’ things that you do that make the biggest difference. And I love helping people to see that. It doesn’t take much. By making someone else happy you make yourself happy. Your job today is to make someone else smile.

Try not to find anything wrong today. It is the way it is for some reason, even one that may appear so unclear right now. When you find yourself complaining (we all do it) just remind yourself of reasons to smile. Is it a sunny day? Is there a bird singing? Remind yourself that there are many reasons to be happy and positive in this life. And the reasons that I have outlined are just two of the amazing things that might happen in nature. I’m sure there are many others which can be shared below. Thank you for reading.



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