Wednesday, 17 August 2016

A Key Principle To Remember

You can’t climb a mountain in a day. That might be taking what we do naturally as human beings to extremities but even so; the principle still stands. So don’t get pre-occupied if something doesn’t work out according to plan or there’s something you feel you have to do when your mind should be elsewhere.

This is an important principle to remember. Because while it may be in our dreams to scale a mountain or not even crossed our radar as a possibility or want in life, it’s telling you that some things in life take time to accomplish. You get closer every day to what you want to achieve in life. Don’t worry, even baby steps is still moving. Just as long as you’re going forward.

Also remembering something like this, can help you put your life into perspective. Something you see as huge may be a pinprick in the ocean in the scheme of things. It is important if it matters to you right at this moment, but honestly will it matter in a week, month, year?



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