Wednesday, 18 May 2016

Still Learning

I went to see 70s show Mamma Mia 
It was really good
I wasn't really in the mood for it at the start but then they started doing songs from Grease! which was awesome! By the second act I was into it but still teetering on the edge of not really being 'there'. 

The people in front of me didn't help. 
This wasn't their fault at all but I realise how easy it is to slip into negativity.
I could see them chatting and probably passing snide comments - those were the negative thoughts I was believing none of which were probably true.

The actors on stage performed as ABBA next and I knew most of the songs. Thrown by the people in front of me, I didn't join in with many.

I soon got a grip on myself though, everyone was there to enjoy themselves and if that meant singing very loudly and badly so be it!

That is always a hard lesson to learn when people put you off, that you do have a right to happiness, a right to enjoy yourself and just because others aren't feeling it doesn'tmean you have to stay on the outside too. 



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