Sunday, 20 December 2015

'For Always (Christmastime)'

I thought I'd share the 2nd Christmas lyric I ever wrote. I fear showing you the first one as it's very childish but there may come a day!

I have had an interesting week.

Starred in the Disability Initiative pantomime, made truffles and sang carols to raise money for the Disability Initiative!

That's kept me out of mischief!

I have been a lot busier than in Christmas's past and that is not a bad thing! It's sure been different to Christmas's past and I'm so thankful it has been.

What did I used to do?

Probably curl up with a book.

I'm still doing that but being busier has been such a good thing this Christmas.

& I am recording a Christmas show on Direction Radio on the 23rd which I am excited about!

For Always (Christmastime)

It's nice
In the silence
When there's no one here
And all I can hear is your heart beating neae
I can rest
I can do what I think's best
But what can I do
When all I want is you

Christmas light's fade
But the love it brings will never go away
It's here to stay
For always
Say you'll be my baby boy
And I will leap for joy
And I will reach it this time
Cos I'll have you on my mind
For always

There's still a part of me
That wishes, oh wishes you could be
Sitting underneath my Christmas tree
I know however this will never happen
But I can still sit on Santa's lap hopin'
(Repeat Chorus)
Christmas lights, they fade
Love will love will love will never go away
Here to stay it's here to stay
For always
Be my baby boy
I'll leap for joy
Reach it this time
Cos I'll have you on my mind
For always
It's Christmas
So appear under my tree
Be my baby boy
For always
Be my baby boy
For Christmas.

Copyright © 2010 Stephanie Carfrae. All Rights Reserved.

Hope you liked it!! Let me know if you have any comments. If you want to put music to it please email me on 

See what I mean? Christmas lights were obviously all I saw back in the day!



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