Wednesday, 17 June 2015

Things Are Not Clear Cut Part 45

Ellie waited to speak to speak to Jamie when her mum had left the room on another endless phonecall to her sister.
               'You are very sweet. Thank you. You seem popular with my mum which is a great feat. But I'm sorry I...' she took a deep breath 'I just don't know who you are.' She bit on her lip so hard that  it started gushing out blood. She was shocked. Her body was responding to her! She was surprised that she still had enough blood in her lips to have it gush out. It was a definite sign that she was alive.
               Jamie just stood there. Helpless. He felt like he'd been stabbed straight through the heart at those words. How could it be? he wondered. Ellie took another deep breath. There was a gorgeous guy beside her hospital bed confessing his undying love for her yet she didn't have a clue who he was. 'I just need time,' she said to herself out loud. Jamie  looked like the mosst defeated warrior in the world right then.

*I'm so sorry this is a few weeks late! So much has been going on recently - I haven't had time to breathe - or it feels like that anyway! I'm not used to having so much on my plate!



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