Sunday, 28 June 2015

The Story Of Steph Part 3

The 2nd time I went to hospital I was in year 11. It was a pretty intense time during my GCSE's. I was in hospital for the first of my tendon releases - we were doing it 50% twice because my parents and I were scared of doing it all in one go. Tendon release is a surgical procedure that involves clipping part or all of a tendon in order to decrease tension in the muscle it controls. ( I was only in hospital for three days which is the quickest I've ever been having the operation and recovering. At the time, Carrie Hope Fletcher was really kind to me and sent me messages which I printed out and took to hospital with me. I read them every night before I went to sleep! The next day, my mum and sister were visiting me. 

My sister was bringing my phone with her, as it was in the days when phones weren't a vital part of our daily lives! I put my phone on and I had the sweetest text off my best friend at the time (who I'm still in contact with!) I turned on 'Hero' by Mariah Carey on my sisters' ipod which I was listening to. It would've tortured me if I couldn't have gone home after that! The lyrics of 'Hero' really hit home when you're in pain! My legs were still really painful but out of pure grit and determination I got to go home 2 days after going in for the operation. 



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