Wednesday, 1 February 2017


I have started writing again! I'd just gotten so busy with work and trying to manage everything else in my life, that I just had no time left over. Creative writing that is. I do miss the time I used to be able to write article after article for a happiness blog which I used to) and write something inspirational (?) on here and still write creatively. Now I'm able to write creatively again, I feel hopeful that I can get back to writing how I used to. I also remembered something I learnt at uni. That 5 word sentences (or less) pack more of a punch. So, here we go my probably sixth attempt at trying to write this one scene called 'Brazen':

'I can't believe you,' he hissed as she held the knife over his defenceless body.
'Well, you'd better start!' she yelled back at him. How had it come to this? One second. That's all it would take.
'Get up!' she kicked his motionless legs. 'Tell me I'm crazy, tell me I'm insane!' she demanded in a voice that wasn't her own. It was much fiercer, more brazen. She didn't believe herself capable. 'Tell me anything,' she pleaded as tears stung her eyes.



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