Wednesday, 27 February 2013

Be Inspired.

Thinking about Alex - the guy who sang the first song I had published when I was 16 – he’ll never be able to come back into the music industry because he had his chance – I don’t know his exact reasons - they must have been strong – but he’s missed out for good. So my advice to anyone is to take the chance while it’s there because you never know where it could lead or where you’ll be tomorrow if you don’t. And don’t regret anything – cos regrets take up memory space – and if you only remember good things that happen – then regret sort of defeats the object.
Don't wait around for things to happen, apart from love which as I've mentioned, we have no control over; I'd much rather act now than forever be waiting for something to stir me to. Cos if we all waited for the right time, we would be waiting forever. We could do that, but it'd be pretty boring. So just go for it, cos you never know what could happen. One thing that happened this week was I was feeling something, so I told my friend who was feeling the same way. So just remember, you are never alone, if you are feeling a particular way, someone else probably is too.
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